Election News

Election News

Election News

Hello Team!

We thought we would put a resource page together for Election News since there have been a few questions!  Also, we’ve doubled the perk thanks to all the good recommendations.


For any hourly team member that votes in the November 2018 election and sends Align a selfie with your “I Voted” sticker, you will be gifted a bonus equal to 2 hours of your hourly rate.  Tax Free.  Cold Hard Money.  No Questions Ask.  We must receive the selfie within 48 hours of Election Day.

Election Day

  • Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th, 2018
  • You must be registered to vote.

How to Register

  • Registration Deadline Day is October 9th, 2018.
  • To register or check registration click HERE. (It takes 2 minutes)

Who Are The Candidates?

The biggest question we have been asked is, “Who do I vote for?”  By clicking HERE and entering your address, you can see who is running in your area.

In Closing

Though Align has no official position for who you vote, we just want everyone’s voice from the team to be heard.  Too many good ideas go by the wayside when people refuse to stand up.

Specifically for what we do for a living, the majority of the people we care for are funded by state backed programs.  This years election, we, Ohioans, are choosing a new Governor, which can directly impact the work we do, the funding we received, and indirectly, your pay!  Do not fall under the false belief that this is not an important election!!

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