January Caregiver Newsletter

January Caregiver NewsletterJanuary

Hello Team!

Happy New Year to all!  We wanted to give everyone some exciting updates!

Knowledge Corner: A couple items to refresh…

  • 24 Hour Call – If there is a reasonable chance that you will not make your shift, it is appreciated if you could let the office know day before if you know.  Whether its childcare issues or you think you may be coming down with an illness, just giving us a heads up that there might be an issue helps in prevention planning with your clients.
  • Clock In/Out Policy – Just a friendly reminder, in order to get paid for a shift, you must clock in and out.  Without this information, we can be fined during audits.  Calling into the office to let us know that you have arrived is appreciated but is NOT a substitute for using the clock in and out system.  So please, clock in and out for every shift, even if you are late and/or leaving early.

Healthcare Updates: Please visit the health and welfare alerts website.  A new update has been posted regarding Winter Weather Advisories.  Remember, for those caregivers working with Special Needs clients, this is STATE REQUIRED READING.

Align’s New Home: I am pleased to announce that Align has moved to a new facility located at 1616 Mardon DR, Dayton, OH 454321616 Mardon

The new facility is going to allow us to grow and expand while offering our team a place for activities and classes.  With the space, given interest from the team, we hope to host activities that are relevant to you.  The vision of the new building is that it is very much your place!  Over the next month or so, the first floor will be renovated to be a state of the art facility where events can be hosted.  In the meantime, think about what type of events you would attend?  We have the space, but you have the collected interest.  If the team is interested and is willing to participate, Align can arrange and facilitate.  For instance, First Aid & CPR Training, Child Care, College Study Sessions, are all possibilities.  The way we see it, if there are 10 members of the team interested in Tuba Lessons and are willing to pay $5, that means we can arrange and pay a teacher $50 to come in and teach.  So, over the next two weeks, think about what you would like us to look into hosting.  A survey will be sent out for your input.  I encourage everyone, too, to stop by and check out your new home base!



Finding Someone Doing It Right:  Again, we want to recognize a few of our team who have gone above and beyond the call of duty with their clients.  With so many wonderful caregivers, it is very hard to pick.  With that said, caregivers for last month that were found “doing something right” are:

  • Chiquita A.
  • Steve C.
  • Erin D.
  • Christy F.
  • Diana G.
  • Tracy M.
  • Tasha S.
  • Skyla U.


The winner of the $100, “no call off” shifts for last month is:

  • Hannah S.

Congrats to all the winners.  Please contact the office to make arrangements to receive your gift cards!

Final Thoughts: Here’s to the start of a healthy and happy 2017.  Thank you for all the efforts through 2016.  As a reminder, if there are things you need or suggestions you have, please do not hesitate to reach out.  Home health is a team sport and everyone at Align is here to support you!

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