June Caregiver Newsletter

June Caregiver NewsletterJune

Hello Team!  Hope that summer is finding you well.  Please bear with the length of this update but there are great things going on at Align that you will appreciate the details.

Updates From Last Newsletter

  • Quarterly Party: Thanks to all that showed up to the Nurse Week celebration at the new facility.  We had a great cookout and wonderful company.  And for those that could only stop by for a few minutes, we are glad that you did!
Nurse Week Party 2017: A Hungry Crowd!
Nurse Week Party 2017: Tours on Align 1, Our New Shuttle Bus







Nurse Week Party 2017: The Men At Work

New News

  • New Format: We’ve standardized the heading of the newsletters to that folks can more easily find the information.  If you have any suggestions, don’t be shy.  Email or text Josh!
  • Daycare: Probably the greatest update that I’ve had the fortune to bring to everyone.  An exploratory committee met in early June to discuss creating a Daycare center exclusively for family members of our team.  There is much more work to be done but we are moving forward with this project.
    • How can you help?  As we move forward, we will be asking for your input and participation, again, don’t be shy.  It serves no one if we create a Daycare that isn’t compatible with anyone’s needs.
  • Corporate Challenge: In the future, Align is working to bring every member of the Align family healthcare and 401k.  In order to pay for these benefits, however, we need have growth to the tune of about 40-50 more Direct Care Staff to the team.  That said, given a long enough timeline, we will eventually hit this goal, but the faster we can hit this goal, the faster we will be able to roll out these premium benefits.
    • How can you help?  I challenge every member of the team, spread the word about Align Home Health and encourage your friends, colleagues, and people you know in the industry to apply.  There is no stronger reference than ‘word of mouth’.  By getting people you know to be good caregivers to onboard, we can continue to grow and the faster we can bring everyone more benefits.  It is in all of our hands!  Folks can apply at www.alignhomehealth.com/jointheteam

Caregiver Benefits: As we grow, our goal is to continue to bring more value to our team members in the form of incentives, bonus, and perks.  In short, having the best team members more than any other organization, means that you should be valued as the best team members.  So, this section will remain as a standard part of all newsletters moving forward and is reserved as a place for update regarding Caregiver Benefits…to which this month, there are many!

  • Holiday Pay: Starting July 4th, 2017, Direct Care Staff will receive holiday pay for holidays at the rate of 1.5 times your regular pay!
  • MyDealsApp: We have negotiated a partnership with My Deals.  It is discount app available on the Google Play Store and the iTunes for discounted rates on everyday things that you do anyways like Food, Shopping, and Entertainment.  Just click the links to install and contact Judy for the login credentials.  Some typical deals include:
    • Papa John’s – 25% off regular menu prices
    • Red Box – Rent 1, get another rental free
    • Monroe Muffler – $19.99 Oil Changes
    • Poelking Bowling – Free 2 games with purchase
  • First Aide Classes: We recently have had 2 team members achieve their certification to be able to teach first aide and CPR.  The class schedule will be sent out soon and will include evening and weekend classes so that everyone will be up to date!

Industry Corner: From time to time, here you can find industry updates from the care industry.  These are STATE REQUIRED READINGS for people in this industry in the State of Ohio.

  • Please visit the Health & Welfare Alerts website.  Catch up on all 2017 alerts.  The latest updates include:
  • Seizures: Changes in weather, particularly hot weather, can trigger seizures in people with specific disorders.  A good brush up article can be found by clicking here.

Finding Someone Doing It Right: We want to recognize a few members of our team who have gone above and beyond the call of duty with their clients.  With so many wonderful caregivers, it is very hard to pick.  With that said, caregivers for last month that were found “doing it right” are:

Last Month $10 Gas CardsmrT Good work

  • Elizabeth F.
  • Carlisha G.
  • Shacole H.
  • Bonnie H.
  • Mariah L.
  • Tracy M.
  • Francina (Fran) P.
  • Jami R.
  • Kaitlyn R.
  • Carolyn W.

The winner of the $100, “no call off” shifts for last month is:

  • Natasha (Tasha) S.

Final Thoughts: Again, thanks for powering through a long update, but there are many wonderful things going on at Align made possible through the efforts of our great team.  I hope to be reaching out to every member of the team over the next few months to check in and open a dialog so do not be surprised to see me calling on caller ID.  I encourage everyone to try new things and let me know what works and doesn’t.  Though we will never be perfect, only by being brave and trying new things will we discover.  Thanks!

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