Team Update

March 15th, 2020


In an effort to keep everyone informed, I just wanted to take a couple
minutes this weekend to relay some information.

This afternoon, the Governor stated some Ohio businesses are ordered closed
for in-facility operations like restaurants and bars. This does not include any
services of Align. We are, at present, operating normally.

The services that our caregivers, child care, and adult care personnel do
are critical into seeing that our community makes it through this crisis. Never
has there been a time that what you do on a daily basis been more important or

With school out tomorrow, if families are having issues with child care, the
State has authorized us to open our doors to anyone in need. For school age
children, a class room environment will be set up at our building. Please reach
out if we can be of service.

As more information flows, we will continue to keep you up to speed on the

Be well and take care of one another.

– Josh


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