Align Mobile Plan

Hello Team!

Hope all are well and doing the best as possible during these trying times. Despite it all, your Align Support Team continues to find ways to provide you more value.

Recently, we have engaged with T-Mobile to deliver everyone in the Align Family a deep discount on mobile plans. As you may have heard, earlier this year, T-Mobile purchased Sprint Mobile making T-Mobile able to offer the best service at a very competitive rate.

Align working with T-Mobile is then able to offer members of our team an unlimited talk, text, and data plan on the T-Mobile network for just $25 per line. A couple of points of interest:

  • You can keep your current hardware if compatible on their network. Use this link and enter your IMEI located in the settings of your phone , written on the back, or by dialing *#06#:
  • You can keep your same number.
  • Payment would come from check withdraw
  • There is no commitment, contract, or start fee.
  • Boosters are available in areas of difficult connections including that of the client where EVV connectivity is a problem.

If you are interested in joining the Align Family mobile plan, please reach out to Judy and Kara to be added to the list.

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