June Caregiver Newsletter

June Caregiver NewsletterJune

Hello Team!

Happy Summer!  We wanted to give everyone exciting updates on new items this month!

Pizza Week:  Thanks to all of those folks the week of 6/13 who were able to make time to come by the office for lunch.  There were some great exchanges of ideas as well as lots of yummy pizza.  A lot of the updates this month come directly from feedback from Caregivers just like you.  We hope to continue to have events where we can all come together and exchange ideas and get better as a team.  So, again, thanks for all that participated.

Finding Someone Doing It Right:  Following best practices and being quick with communication is key when situations with clients/traffic/family/illnesses are developing.  Keeping the office up to speed allows them to best support people in the field as well as helping with scheduling of new clients.  A member of our team since November excels in hand’s on care as well as the administrative side of home care.  She always gives us a heads up on field issues, responds quickly even if it is just to say she is not available, and communicates availability updates.  Please help me congratulate Nancy Gon a job well done!!

Mobile Telephony App: As referred to last month, we have a free trial of the new Align Telephony App!  It is available on Iphone and Android and makes the clock in process easier than calling in.  All information is available at your fingertips, has mapping built in, and allows for easier shift sign off at the end of a shift.  The free preview lasts through June with available training on YouTube.  Please install and let us know your feedback.  If you find value in it, we will keep it after the free preview is over.

Policy Changes: Stemming from some great feedback from the team during Pizza Week, we have some policy changes to make our services better and provide caregivers with a better work environment:

  • Uniform Policy: Requested by clients and caregivers, alike, the uniform policy has been opened up to include any and all, non-torn/worn scrubs.  This includes any colors, patterns, or prints.
  • Tardiness: Starting July 1st, paychecks will include a separate line item deduction for any lateness reflected in your clock in time on that check.  We just want to make everyone aware of your missed earning opportunity.  Time made up at the end of the shift will count toward lateness if available.
  • Errand Services: We are now licensed for errand services.  Given feedback from the Caregivers that they would prefer this as an option to provide better service to their clients, we amended our policy.  Using your discretion, the policy is to allow one (1) trip per week of no more than ten (10) miles per trip as these miles are not reimbursable.
  • Referral Bonus: We are implementing a referral bonus for all Caregivers.  Team members will receive a $50 bonus for each candidate that is hired, on-boarded, after the candidate receives their first review.

Employee Benefits: We are in the early stages of putting together a benefits program for all team members.  Because we have such a large team, that represents significant purchasing power that we can leverage to area businesses for discounts for goods and services that you may already be using.  For instance, we have spoken with the fine folks at Scrubs & Beyond and for all current employees of Align Home Health, you can receive a 20% discount on all items.  Please contact Josh with suggestions on area providers that you would like Align to approach for discounts.  More information on this will come as it develops!

In Closing:  Thanks to every member of the team.  We have heard great feedback from clients so please continue the good work!

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