May Caregiver Newsletter

May Caregiver NewsletterMay

Hello Team!

Happy Spring to all, though mother nature might not agree.  Nonetheless, there are good days ahead.  We wanted to take a couple minutes to keep everyone up to date on this month’s events.

Summer Availability: If you know that your availability is changing over the Summer please let us know as soon as possible.  As part of the Align team, we will do whatever we can to work with you to accommodate any changes.  Communication is key is getting this worked out so let us know how we can help.  This includes any vacations as well!

Finding Someone Doing It Right:  Like I’ve said before, with human beings and healthcare, things change hour to hour.  At times, we have all felt overwhelmed when giving our best.  We recently had a caregiver recognize that she needed some additional lessons with a client’s mechanical lift.  Because she stepped up and asked for help, we were able to get her some extra training on different lifting techniques.  From this, she has received glowing reports from her clients.  Please help me congratulate Ashleigh S. on a job well done!!

Housekeeping: Some light housekeeping on policies.

  • Mileage: Mileage is only reimbursable when you transport a client in your vehicle AND it is approved in their Plan of Care binder under the Transportation Section.  If you have any questions, please ask.
  • Clock In/Out: It is required that you clock in and out of every shift either from your smartphone while at the residence or with the client’s phone at the time of scheduled appointment.  If this does not occur, the insurance company can (and has) rejected the claim in which case you may not be compensated for the shift.  If an issue arises, please contact us immediately.
  • CEU’s: All Align Caregivers are required by the State to have at least 8.0 CEU’s per year.  For anyone with any existing CEU’s for 2015 or 2016, please send us copies or take pictures of the certs with your phone and email/text.  For those needing CEU’s, there are great resources online for FREE CEU’s.  We use and recommend for all CEU’s.  Registration is fast and free it is creates a cert that you can keep if ever you are audited by the State.

Coming Soon: We are working with our software company, Axiscare, to bring to you a caregiver App.  This all-in-one software will allow you to view the Plan of Care, make easier the clock in and out process, and allow you to digitally sign off on care notes at the end of your shift.  More on this to come.

In Closing:  For anyone that we did not get to speak with personally, HAPPY NURSES WEEK.  For everything you do, for the many lives you shape, for caring when you do not have, please accept our most humble of congratulations.  Thanks everyone!

Nurse Week


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