November Team Newsletter

November Team NewsletterNovember

Hello Team!

We wanted to take a moment to give everyone an update on the team.

Benefit Corner

New Financial Products: We are researching some new team benefits for you, but we need your input as to the level of interest.

  • 401k – A group savings plan for individuals who want money deposited in their account directly from their paychecks before taxes are taken out.
  • Financial Planning Courses – Classes head at our facility for our team about budgeting, saving, and planning money health.

Whether you are interested or not, please let us know!  Contact Judy or Kara and let them know.

Voting Promotion:  Thanks for everyone who has already sent in their pictures from absentee and early voting.  Your FREE MONEY will be disbursed after the election.  For those who are not aware of this program, we are compensating people that vote 2 hours of pay for voting and sending us a selfie with your ballot or “I voted” sticker.  Details can be found HERE.  The election is next week, Tuesday, November 6th!

Align Home Health

CEU’s: Just as a reminder, all care staff are required to complete at least 8 CEU’s annually.  We have partnered with some websites to provide you FREE CEU’s:

After completing the CEU send the cert to us and we will make sure it gets into your file.

Referral Bonus: We continue to seek talented individuals to join the Align family.  So, for anyone who recommends an Aide that successfully on-boards and remains an active member of the team for at least 3 months will receive a $100 bonus!

Align Life Centers

Open Houses: We have begun doing open houses monthly so that more people can find out about the wonderful work being done by the ALC team.  Our next open house is November 29th from 10A-2P.  Please stop by learn about the ALC.

Align Team Daycare

Vacancy: From schedule changes, we have openings for 1 or 2 children at the daycare.  If you are interested, please inquire with Judy N.

In Closing

Good luck at your polling place.  Next week’s election determines who the new Governor of Ohio will be.  If you are unaware, the Governor has final authority on how much the State reimburses us for care, which directly effects how much we are able to compensate our team.  So, you are essentially voting for your paycheck, so you definitely have skin in the game!

But, regardless of who you vote for, just get out and participate!


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